The Blackjack Quartet

Blackjack QuartetMagdalen Braden’s Blackjack Quartet is a series of contemporary romance novels set in Philadelphia’s legal community. Books in the series share some common characters and locations, but each story can be read as a standalone novel.

The Blackjack Quartet series site includes long excerpts from each book, as well as lists of characters and other “book extras”.

Love in RealityLove in Reality (The Blackjack Quartet #1)  is the story of a romance between a TV producer and the law student he casts on his reality show. More…

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The Cost of HappinessThe Cost of Happiness (The Blackjack Quartet #2) is a Cinderella story set in a Philadelphia office filled with dark corners and scheming rivals. More…

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Blackjack & MoonlightIn Blackjack & Moonlight (The Blackjack Quartet #3) it’s a case of Sex v. Love—a battle in the courtroom and the bedroom. More…

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