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Roman and JulietAfter finishing three novellas in The Aerie Doms erotic romance series, Christina Thacher wanted to end with a shorter story. You can read Roman and Juliet for FREE at any of these stores:

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Q: We gather your latest hero Roman is a rancher. That’s a bit of a departure from your usual “urban professionals” … why cowboys this time?

Cowboys sell! Well, I assume they do. Certainly some of the review sites I follow on Twitter seem to go crazy for a sexy cowboy. The trouble is, I don’t know anything about cowboys, so I made Roman a rancher, which I take to be a businessman who owns a lot of land that might be called a ranch. So I guess he’s more of a “rural professional.” LOL

Q: Roman and Juliet is also a shorter story, which you asked us to give away for free, at least initially. What do you hope to achieve by doing that?

I want more people to get to know my voice and the sort of story I write. Roman and Juliet isn’t as much into the BDSM as The Aerie Doms’ “Heart Trilogy” (The Locked Heart, The Frozen Heart, and The Secret Heart), but I suspect Juliet and Roman will end up incorporating some restraints and power exchange into their sex life going forward. And that’s really what I want new readers to understand: it’s a continuum: I don’t write about straight vanilla sex (well, not mostly; see my last answer for the exception to the rule) but I don’t write about people who are full time into BDSM.

Q: Why did you choose to set The Aerie Doms series in Denver? Is it a hotbed of BDSM activity?

I have to laugh, because I have no idea. Maybe it is, in which case, I do apologize to everyone in that life who can pick holes in the way I’ve described things. I live in Philadelphia, so I wanted a city somewhat like mine but not mine. That’s about as much thinking I gave the question. I do research the locales pretty carefully, so while The Aerie is clearly made up, I’ve picked actual houses and apartments to springboard ideas for where everyone lives. A lot of the action in all three of The Aerie Doms stories takes place outside the club, so it’s good to have a clear floor plan in my mind for those scenes.

Q: Will the Lawyer to the Doms series be based there too, or do you have somewhere else in mind?

Those stories will take place outside Washington, D.C. Again, I have NO IDEA if there’s BDSM going on in our nation’s capitol. (Hmm. Power-exchange sex and politics? No, I really have no idea…) But what I do know is that there’s a lot of businesses and lawyers in that area. As all three stories revolve around one specific lawyer who’s a go-to expert when you need someone to argue your case before the Supreme Court, I thought it would be good to keep him close to the Capitol.

Q: A little “tweety” bird tells us you’re also collaborating on an anthology of stories for another publisher (boo). Tell us about that please.

I’d feel guilty about this except that I’m too excited. Three other erotica authors—Ginny Glass, Maggie Wells, and Emily Cale—and I have collaborated on a six-volume anthology called Love Letters. It’s an adult way to learn your letters: “A is for Assignment,” “B is for Bondage,” “C is for Curious,” and “D is for Detained.” That’s the first volume; I wrote “B is for Bondage,” if you couldn’t figure that out.

We’re thrilled that Carina Press, the digital imprint for Harlequin, has agreed to publish Love Letters. Volume One is due out in April 2013. We’re in edits on Volume Two and working on the stories for Volume Three (I’m writing “I is for Indecent” right now, in fact.)

I love my co-authors, who are all talented, funny, irreverent, and charming. I love the Carina team assigned to us: Angela James, the executive editor, and Deb Nemeth, our copy editor. And I’m hoping this will bring lots more readers to my Harmony Road Press titles.

But, I want to be honest, not all of the Love Letters stories will have BDSM elements. Each volume has a theme, so while in Volume One all the stories have a BDSM theme, in later volumes the themes will be different. Some kinkiness and some vanilla sex. I’m just trying to uh, grow as a writer. LOL

Roman and Juliet is FREE at: Amazon | B & N | Apple | Kobo | Sony | Smashwords

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