The Negotiation: A BDSM Romance

The NegotiationThe Negotiation is the second story in Christina Thacher’s new series of BDSM romances featuring Mackenzie Lyon, the super-hot “Lawyer to the Doms”.

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Sexy redhead seeks the perfect Dom …

Isabelle Peters spots the Dom she wants — darkly handsome Sebastian D’Alessandro. Seems he’s also the impossible-to-please Dom, and the most-likely-to-find-fault Dom. Doesn’t matter to Isabelle. She’ll show him she’s the perfect sub.

Sebastian wants nothing to do with Isabelle. She lacks the proper respect. But he agrees to do a scene with her. If she’s as good as she says, she “wins” a weekend at his place. If she fails — as he knows she will — he never has to touch her again.

Can two such different people work out a D/s relationship … or even love? That’s what the negotiation is for …


Isabelle followed Sebastian until they got to the only room with an actual stage. Someday she’d know these rooms intimately, but for now they remained a jumble in her head. It was like someone had punched doorways between adjacent basements on either side and in back. It must take up nearly a quarter of the block, all of it underground.

A dozen people mingled in the large room. Sebastian ignored them. From his performance the night before, Isabelle knew he was well aware of the audience. He just acted as though they didn’t exist.

“Strip.” His voice was pitched for her ears only.

She’d anticipated that. Her dress opened at the side of her waist, so she needed no help. She draped it over a chair just offstage, leaving her shoes tucked under the seat. She walked back to Sebastian and knelt, her hands behind her back.

He brought out three lengths of a silky black rope and placed them on the floor near her knees. She stared at them, which had to be why he’d placed them just there. So she could stare and speculate what the ropes were for.


She stood, her feet apart.

Sebastian unwrapped the first hank of rope, letting the coils fall to the floor but keeping a doubled length in his hands. He stepped behind her.

She heard the slither of the rope and the “ooh” of the audience in swift succession. Then the rope wrapped around her wrists and the roar of blood rushing through her ears blocked out all other noise. She felt the rope come under her arms and across her chest above her breasts, back under her arms and around again. She could just see the rope. Four widths lined up perfectly, a wide black swath below her collar bone.

Read now: Amazon | Apple | B & NSmashwords