The Locked Heart: A BDSM Romance

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Darby just wants a drink when the airline cancels her flight, but she gets more: she gets noticed by Damien, a handsome man who wants to spend the night with her. Darby loves being dominated, so she travels to The Aerie, the private BDSM sex club Damien frequents, to see if she really is a submissive. At The Aerie, Damien’s normal detachment fails him with Darby. He’s obsessed with her enthusiasm and grace but he’s locked his heart against her love. Warning: This book contains scorching hot scenes of BDSM sex between a blackhearted Dom and a natural sub, but don’t be fooled: it’s really a romance.

Author: Christina Thacher
Series: The Aerie Doms #1


Verlaine Lounge—the gold script caught Darby’s eye. Clutching her room voucher, she wheeled her suitcase into the airport hotel bar rather than continue on to the front desk to check in. She couldn’t yet face the sterility of another hotel room. Especially not in a city she was supposed to have left three hours ago.

She tucked the suitcase in by her barstool. The bartender, a woman slightly older than Darby—maybe 30 or 32—was chatting with a rather intense looking man sitting at the end of the bar, near the corner of polished wood. When Darby turned toward them to catch the bartender’s attention, the man looked straight at her. She ignored her awareness of his striking looks as she ordered a vodka tonic. One of the nice things about being blandly medium—medium height and build, with hazel eyes and medium brown hair—is that the absurdly gorgeous men of the world let you nurse your drink in silence.

“Mechanical problems?”

Darby was startled out of her empty reverie by a deep voice to her right. It was the intense man, who proved to be even more overwhelming when he was right next to her.

He nodded at her room voucher, which she’d put on the bar. She reached for it, meaning to tuck it away, but he stopped her with a quiet, “Leave it.”

Her hand dropped away from the polished wood. Darby stared at the voucher, confused that she’d complied with a stranger’s command.

Read now: Amazon | B & N | Apple | Smashwords