The Frozen Heart: A BDSM Romance

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Master Kai, one of The Aerie’s Doms, needs someone with him in order to join Damien and Darby in The Roost, the room for D/s couples. Jenna Greene joined The Aerie for her own reasons, but Master Kai’s gentleness breaks through her defenses. She asks the happy-go-lucky Dom to teach her about submission. They settle on kinky role play as a way to bridge the difference in their previous BDSM experiences. Their sessions together challenge their assumptions about what they want in a relationship…and force each of them to learn how to communicate with more than their bodies. Warning: This book contains scorching hot sex and kinky costumes, but don’t be fooled: it’s really a love story.

Author: Christina Thacher
Series: The Aerie Doms #2


Master K was one of her favorite Doms to watch. He looked so happy, most of the time. Not now.

He didn’t want her, so Jenna wasn’t sure why he’d reached out for her hand. Oh God, maybe they were kicking her out. She was a member only because of her connection to Master X’s late wife, but that was a tenuous thread that could break at any moment. No clue what she’d do then. She’d hated the fetish clubs that were open to the public. The last one she’d been in, the floors had been sticky with people’s desperation and excesses.

She took Master K’s hand. He was tall. She wasn’t short, but he had to be six-three, maybe six-four. He had silky blond hair that flopped onto his forehead, and wiry blond hairs on his chest, revealed by the v-neck of his sweater. He smelled good. She could picture him in a Scandinavian forest in January, right before dawn. Crisp, cold, fragrant but shadowy too.

She must smell like anxiety and need.

Kai wasn’t turning toward the private rooms, which Jenna had barely seen, or the Back Room beyond them, which she knew rather better. Instead, he drew her across to The Roost.

Read now: Amazon | B & N | Apple | Smashwords