The Appeal: A BDSM Romance

The AppealThe Appeal is the third story in Christina Thacher’s BDSM romance series Lawyer to the Doms, in which The Lawyer himself is the hero.

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Mackenzie Lyon has a ferocious reputation in the courtroom and a fearsome reputation as a Dom in The Club, Washington, D.C.’s exclusive BDSM establishment. No one knows who broke his heart. All they know is that she’s dead…

Diana Truscott feels certain that walking into a dangerous situation will get her killed. Instead, she gets introduced to Mac Lyon, a Dom to heat her body and melt her heart. When she has to leave him, she leaves her soul behind.

What would happen if the woman Mac can’t forget were to return?


“May I serve you, please, Master?”

The sub at Mac’s feet was lovely, with hair the color of polished oak and a mouth made for sex. The light in her eyes suggested a desire that pulled at Mac.

He’d seen this sub before and she’d always grabbed his attention. That was the thing about The Club. Everything and everyone was out in the open. Fitting for Washington, D.C., where appearances counted more than substance. The Club catered specifically to BDSM, but no one was fooled. To really enjoy its membership, one had to be a voyeur, an exhibitionist or a little bit of both.

These days, Mac’s interest rose more from his judicious concern for The Club’s survival than from his own desires. That was his role at The Club—he made sure everything ran smoothly. The two—his own sexual desire and his professional oversight—used to work in tandem. Recently, though, he’d been less interested in quick scenes just to get his rocks off. Looking at this woman on her knees, though, he felt again the way he had those first few months—like a kid in a candy shop.

He’d watched her before. She was graceful in a way that suggested she thought about every move and gesture she made. She wasn’t robotic, like some of the subs. At the same time, she clearly wasn’t attracted to the men she played with.

And she’d noticed Mac before tonight. He’d caught her glancing at him. She was respectful, but interested. Again, he couldn’t quite say why her looks had heated his blood. They just had.

How long had it been since he’d felt this tug? The slight smile on those gorgeous lips kindled desire in Mac, a hot rush he’d experienced like seeing a long-lost friend. He fought the urge to say yes.

Read now: Amazon | Apple | B & NSmashwords