Roman and Juliet: An Erotic Romance

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Juliet Howard is tired of being treated like a princess in the vanilla world, but The Aerie Doms don’t want to play with anyone so delicate. Then she meets Roman Grainger, a genuine cowboy complete with the boots and the hat. Maybe he’s the Dom of her dreams?

Roman isn’t sure what he’s doing at The Aerie. His divorce left him tired of the games women can play with a man’s heart…and his bank account. But Juliet is a dream come true: pretty, appreciative, and exquisitely responsive. In the real world, though, he’s not a Dom—so he leaves after just one night.

Can these two find common ground to explore what works for both of them? Warning: There’s precious little hardcore BDSM in this erotic story, but the samples from my other books should make up for that.

We want to take Christina Thacher’s readership to a whole new level, and will be offering this short story FREE for a time.

Author: Christina Thacher
Series: The Aerie Doms #4


She was the “delicate” one.

So annoying.

Juliet looked at her wrists, resting on her thighs. Yes, they were small for her height, but her bones weren’t abnormally brittle or anything. And she wasn’t anorexic. She ate like a horse, not that anyone noticed at The Aerie. Master X and Mistress Irene had told her she could have a sandwich or some soup any time she wanted—offers they didn’t make to the other subs. Juliet didn’t bother to tell them about the Deluxe Mountain Burger she had most nights on her way to the club. A ton of beef, Swiss cheese, mushrooms—and Daryl at the Roundhouse Cafe knew to put on extra of that special horseradish mayo they used. Yum.

Explaining wouldn’t help. Because Juliet had thin pale hair and a slender body, everyone just assumed she was wimpy. She got called “princess,” “doll,” and “pet” by the Doms. On the rare occasions anyone teased her, they’d ask if it was a school night and did she have her homework done. She was twenty-seven, for Christ’s sake.

Now that Jenna and Kai hooked up, Juliet was once again the last sub to be picked from The Nest. And even when she was picked—when one of the sadist Doms decided to play with her—the club monitors paid special attention to how the Dom used cuffs and restraints on her. It pissed off the Dom, which in turn meant they didn’t ask for Juliet as much. Some nights she sat in The Nest all evening before giving up and leaving early.

Sucks to be slender.

Read now: Amazon | B & N | AppleSmashwords