Following His Lead: A Philadelphia Lawyer Romance

Following His Lead by Magdalen Braden

Former lawyer Magdalen Braden writes legal romances set in Philadelphia.

A devilishly handsome man, a gorgeous red dress, and salsa dancing …

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Fiona Wheeler has built a career as a math tutor. Her resolve to remain professional is shaken when Aarón Gabriel looks at her that way. She’s attracted to the divorced man—he’s beyond sexy!—but it would be wildly inappropriate to date him. Then he asks her to dance…

With a busy law practice and a teenage daughter to raise, Aarón has no interest in dating. Then he sees Fiona, a gorgeous woman he wants in his arms. Will she let him lead her off the dance floor and into his bed?


On Thursday, Aarón packed up all his work a couple of hours early, walked home to Smedley Street, and let himself in. He loved this charming row house on a street so quiet that most Philadelphians didn’t even know it existed. He’d gotten that wrong about Graci too. He assumed she’d share his love for one of the small old houses nestled in the shadow of Center City’s high rises. Hah. She tried, but he could tell she didn’t love it, not like he did. She moved out when Angie was twelve. Now Angie split her time between here and her mother’s massive penthouse so high up that Rittenhouse Square looked like a vividly colored map laid out at their feet.

He shrugged. For all he knew, Angie had the best of both worlds. A cozy house here to hang with her father, and a palace in the sky to impress her friends.

“Hey, Dad.” Angie padded out to the hall to hug him. She was barefoot, had already shed her school uniform and changed into a tank and frayed jeans. “I was just giving Fee a tour of the kitchen. You want some chips?”

“What? Oh, no, sweetie. Thanks.” He stared over Angie’s shoulder at a gorgeous woman. A gorgeous tall woman. A gorgeous, tall and very curvy woman. She clearly wasn’t the twenty-year-old math tutor. So who the hell was this—the mother of one of Angie’s friends?

He lifted his chin a fraction. “Aren’t you going to introduce us?” he prompted Angie.

“Hunh? You mean Fiona? Yeah, well, I guess I could.” Angie’s tone made it clear how silly this impromptu test of her manners was. “Dad, this is my new math tutor, Fiona Wheeler. This is my dad.”

This was what math tutors looked like? He’d have taken Differential Equations if he’d known…

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